Incorporate and optimize new income streams for your land.

Our comprehensive approach enables you to receive numerous credit types on one area of land. Through concentrated mitigation, we capitalize on the potential of land, offering up carbon credits through trees, stream and wetland credits in a variety of habitats, and using a range of restoration methods and land preservation tax credits obtained through charitable donations of land or easements for conservation purposes.

Typically, landowners make money when timber or harvests of crops leaves the property. With Conservation+, our landowners make money by letting trees filter the air, clean the water, and provide a habitat for wildlife. Additionally, when landowners choose to place an easement on their property and retire their development right. This retirement is considered a gift to the nation and has valuable federal tax deductions and potential valuable state tax credits.

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Every land has hard-to-farm spots and flood areas where the tractor gets routinely stuck. You may not even be cutting the timber all that much. By planting trees and harnessing the power of nature, we turn these “lemons” into lemonade, as the saying goes. Conservation+ uses this process to take a comprehensive approach, helping to bring you this new revenue potential and diversify your income stream.

What is good for your land is good for you too!