Wetland and stream areas offer a diverse credit portfolio for landowners.

From its expansive lakes to the flowing rivers and bays, American watersheds provide us with fun and recreation, biodiversity, and life. Our government has established guidelines and regulations to protect these areas and, more recently, to create a new revenue stream for landowners.

Why Wetland and Stream Credits? The Clean Water Act creates a strong market for wetland and stream credits. Entities whose work impacts a wetland or waterway are required to mitigate their impact, and buying approved wetland and stream credits is one way to satisfy the requirement.

Compensatory mitigation for streams typically consists of restoring degraded streams, replanting denuded stream buffers, and preserving intact forested stream buffers. Compensatory mitigation for wetlands typically consists of restoring wetlands that have been hydrologically altered, replanting wetlands that have been cleared or otherwise maintained for agricultural purposes, and preserving high-quality existing wetlands.